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Jayne Denham



Jayne Denham
ABC Music

MATT LAWRENCE - Capital News!

If the somewhat hyperactive cover image wasn't enough to tip you off, Jayne Denham has most definitely raised the energy bar to overdrive on this, her third full length release. Renegade rocks, rolls, shakes, twists and turns in all the right ways.

Kicking off with the high impact title track, the album represents a definite shift from Jayne's previous efforts. Sure there are moments we would expect, like the cool country of Grew Up Around Trucks and the quirky dance-friendly Cowgirls Mia, but what jumps out is the rock. Addicted To The Diesel begs a good fist-pump, Trick It Up is slick and This Is Rodeo pulses.

Special mention must be made of Beyond These City Lights which features shared vocals with Shannon Noll. The track has number one written all over it. Like any frenetic thrill ride, such is the pace and pleasure derived from this album that the 10 tracks seem to fly by in little time at all you will want to hit play again. An absolute killer release.

MATT LAWRENCE - Real Country

Jayne Denham's previous works were just great, but her new album Renegade catapults her into a whole new world of awesome.

This is her first album since being signed to ABC Music, and it is addictive. It somehow crams all the power, excitement and life from a power packed Jayne Denham live show into 1 album that really moves you.

Although Renegade would be considered country rock, I also hear strong elements of traditional country, trucking, and pub rock being masterfully weaved around the oh so solid country rock centre point not to mention a good swig of punk style rebellion that makes the album a most awesome balanced blend creating almost a new sub-genera called, as Jayne puts it, Renegade Country.

Each track is well written, with solid stories well told. The music matched to the lyric perfectly, and produced by Garth Porter flawlessly. Yet in amongst all this seeming complexity of sound, verse, passion, and energy it remains proudly a quintessentially Australian album.

Jayne Denham's Renegade will wake you up and force you to really live in the moment to truly rock like you have never country rocked before. I'm addicted to the Denham. Buy it now before the establishment bans it!

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