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Jayne Denham

The success of Jayne Denham's new Album WANTED has just scored her 2x Golden Guitar nominations. Female Artist of the Year and Contemporary Album of the Year. The Album and live show is something quite unique in today's environment, so if you like Country Rock and a good Spaghetti Western movie, this show is for you. With epic motion visuals, this show is one not to be missed. The Album Debuted at #1 on the ARIA Australian Country Album charts & 3 of the songs have hit No#1 on several radio charts including WANTED that sat at #1 on the Country Tracks top 40 for 6 weeks.

The country music industry has dubbed Jayne's new album
'A movie for your ears. A completely nailed throwback campaign hidden in a modern musical masterpiece.'

Lee Kernaghan
"I've had Jayne Denham's brand-new album, "Wanted" totally cranking in the ute. Fully loaded with's new country...and western music at its best."

Gina Jeffreys
"Jayne Denham is truly one the most exciting female vocalists Australia has seen in a long time! She is gutsy, fierce and honest."

Jaynes new album WANTED is a breath of fresh air in a world of similarity. Breath-taking vocals, amazing new songs and beautiful production!

Jayne Denham, one of Australia's most admired country performers has appeared on festival main stages across Australia. Jayne has scored five #1 radio hits, six top 10 CMC videos including #1 with Hung Up On You, her duet with Troy Kemp, which garnered a million streams within six months of release. Performing at some of the biggest truck shows in the world her single Black Coffee & White Lines was released at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, TX with the accompanying video, featuring three members of the worldwide hit TV show, Ice Road Truckers, garnering in excess of 100,000 views across the various platforms within the first two months alone.

During the pandemic Jayne recorded and released the universally acclaimed album Wanted, which has been described as her best work yet. Debuting at #1 on the ARIA Australian Artist Country Album Chart in Aug 2021.

Also known for her trucking songs, her deep connection with American audiences and the trucker community led to Jayne becoming Ambassador for the Women In Trucking Association, in the US.

Jayne has written and recorded with some of the biggest names in the business including producer Brian White, and writers Jerry Salley, Phil Barton, and Jennifer Schott. Jayne recorded her most recent album, Calamity, in the home studio of Rascal Flatts' Jay De Marcus, who played bass on the album.

With her ability to tell a story that captures the imagination through her songs, Denham has scored 5 #1 smash hits in Australia, six Top 10 songs in the National Country Charts, 12 videos that have reached the Top 30, including a number 1 placement for Hung Up on You.. Jayne has also been nominated six times on the Country Music Channel (CMC).

Jayne has released five albums Sudden Change in Weather (2008), Shake This Town (2010), Renegade (2013) Calamity (2018) Wanted (2021). The single, Chick Ute, from her debut album charted at #2 in Europe and Norway, #4 in Italy, #5 in the Netherlands and Denmark and #12 on the European Country Music Association Chart. Soon after the release of Sudden Change in Weather, Jayne Denham won the Australian Independent Country Music Award for Best Rising Star.

Jayne's strong connection to the trucking industry has also earned her sponsorship from companies including Wickham Freight Lines. She has three promotional semi-trailers that can be spotted on Wickham Freight Lines' trucks up and down Australia's East Coast.

Accolades and Awards:

6 Top 10 music videos on the CMC Top 30 Countdown - #1 Hung up on you, 'Shake This Town' #4 & 'Shelter' #10, 'Addicted to the Diesel' #10, 'Beyond These City Lights' #10 & Grew up round Trucks #9.

  • 2022 - 2x Golden Guitar Nominations - Female Artist & Contemporary Album of the year.
  • 2021 - No.1 ARIA Australian Country Album
  • 2021 - No.1 Australian Country Radio single 'Wanted'
  • 2019 - Golden Guitar Nomination for 'Hung up on you', Vocal Collaboration for the year (with Troy Kemp)
  • 2018 - No.1 Country Music Channel Video clip "Hung up on you"(with Troy Kemp)
  • 2018 - No.4 iTunes Country Albums Chart, Calamity
  • 2018 - No.1 Australian Country Radio Single Hung Up on you
  • 2014 - No.1 Australian Country Radio Single, Addicted to the Diesel
  • 2014 - No.1 Australian Country Radio Single, Beyond these City Lights (with Shannon Noll)
  • 2014 - Golden Guitar Nomination for 'Beyond these City Lights', Vocal Collaboration of the year (with Shannon Noll)
  • 2013 - No.1 Country Radio Single, Feral Kev and General Leeroy
  • 2010 - Golden Guitar nomination for Best New Talent
  • 2010 - Music Oz Award Finalist
  • 2008 - Winner of the Australian Independent Country Music Awards Best Rising Star Award
  • A further 8 Top 10 Australian Country Radio Singles Porch Party No.3, Shake This Town No.2, Trucker Chicks No.4, Farmers Wife, Shelter No.10, Stacks No.4, Calamity No.4, Black Coffee & White lines No.5


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